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Teresa's World
Choreographing Chaos
Birthday Pho & FroYo!!

What: Chowing down on Vietnamese Pho noodles, conversing, laughing, picking delicious toppings for Frozen Yogurt, singing, dancing

Why: Teresa has gone around the sun 27 times!

When: Friday, March 20th, 2009 with Pho around 6:30-7pm and FroYo probably around 9-9:30pm

Where: Pho Convoy, 4647 Convoy St (between Dagget St & Opportunity Rd), San Diego, CA 92111
and Yogurt World, 4646 Convoy St Ste 113 (also between Dagget St & Opportunity Rd), San Diego, CA 92111

Who: You!!!!  And your kid(s), your spouse, your significant other, your insignificant other, your new best friend, your old best friend, your unborn fetus, the guy you met the other night who seems really interesting, Brad Pitt, etc.

Hope to see you there for all or part of the festivities!  :-)  (Your presence is the only present that I would like!)

-Teresa :-)
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A question from a biology test that I gave... "Why is biodiversity important?"

The student answered "b/c it helps the community not be so boring."

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Two interesting articles about babies...

Front-Facing Strollers Bad for Language?

Helpless Babies = Evolution of Human Cooperation?

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Yay - I have a whole week off!  Now I can actually catch up on my personal life... such as finding my floor.  I swear I have one - I just haven't seen it in the last few months of working non-stop and coming home and just throwing stuff wherever.
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It's time to celebrate my joyous 26th birthday! :-)  Come dance with me!

When:  9pm-ish Friday, March 21st (my birthday is actually the 20th)

Where:  San Diego Dance Jam http://www.movingarts.net/
Eveoke Dance Theatre, 2811 University Avenue, next to the KFC.
(It's $5 before 9:30, but they usually let first-timers in for free!)

What:  Dancing in every shape and form -- check it out...

Let me know if you think you'll be coming!  Feel free to invite anyone
else you know who likes to dance! :-)
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ever get mad or sad that you can't find the webpage you were looking for, and all you get is the 404 page? 

well, maybe the web server is sad too...


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Anyone interested in joining me in seeing Pilobolus in Malibu on Thursday, Feb 15th?



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How long will you be on this earth?  I'm supposed to live to be 105 years old without any "superlongevity factors"!
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My store is sold!  I got my huge check yesterday!  I'm rich!!!  (Well, I'm rich for about a week until I pay off all my loans)  I was going to go deposit it today, but the idea of having the first day in a month where I don't go to Encinitas seemed more appealing!  (Yes, I could deposit it at a branch closer to my apartment, but I want to deposit it at my Encinitas branch because all the employees there know me and will be excited with me!)

The last few days have been fairly interesting - worked all day and all night on Christmas to finish inventory before closing escrow yesterday, drove to Irvine to sign the closing documents and pick up my check (which was very anti-climatic because the new owners got there early, signed, and left before I even got there), felt like I needed to celebrate (and spend some money!) so found a spa in Irvine and got a wonderful acupressure massage, went to OfficeMax and Barnes & Noble in Irvine and bought some notebooks, organizing stuff, and books to start on my goals of writing, organizing, and reading more now that I'm not working 6-7 days a week, drove back, putzed around my apartment for a while (avoiding unloading my car of the millions of things that I had to bring home from the store - financial records, my computer, etc.), watched FAME, and ended up not going to bed until about 1am, which meant that I had been up for about 41 hours (except for a maybe 10min nap while getting the massage).  Surprisingly wasn't very tired and also wasn't very hyper (which I tend to get when staying awake too late).

So now comes the question of what to do with myself!  I have a few days off while the new owners remodel the store (although I actually have a ton of work stuff to do - payroll, bills, mailing letters, transfering accounts, etc.), and then I'm training/assisting them next week.  And then after January 5th, I am hopefully all done with the store!  I'm trying not to schedule myself too much; I want to have free time and go with the flow, do whatever I feel like doing on a particular day, play it by spleen!  But there are soo many interesting things to do, classes to take, places to go!  The plan is to be "retired" for at least three months (not be looking for a full-time job, and even be actively avoiding a full-time job), and then see how things are going, see what I feel like getting into, see what opportunities present themselves.

If anyone is available and would like to do stuff* with me over the next few months, let me know!  (*stuff such as going to the zoo, Wild Animal Park, a day spa, day trips to the desert or other places, museums, dance classes, Vegas, etc.)

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Current Location: My Apartment!!! when the sun is shining!!!
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Want to know where Santa is?  Just ask NORAD!


The best line on this website... "Rudolph's nose gives off an infrared signature similar to a missile launch."!!!

(Sorry no posts recently... so busy with getting ready to sell the store!  We close escrow on Tuesday!  And I still have a ton of stuff to before then!)

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Very interesting!  Lots of stuff to think/write about, but very busy at work right now.

Will Wright on Colbert Report
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I love kids!  They say the best things!  :-)

Two examples from Princess Ballerina Story Times yesterday (where all the little girls come dressed up as a princess or ballerina, have snacks, color, and I dress up in my huge pink tutu and read them stories)...

-I always try to involve the little girls in the stories by asking them questions and getting them to respond to the story.  So I was asking the girls what their favorite color was.  The first two girls copied each other and said blue.  The next girl said pink.  And then I asked this little two year old, she was quiet, so I started prompting her... "Do you like blue, or purple, or maybe pink?"  She looked up at me, and goes "Lavender"  Such a big word from such a small person!

-And now for an Only in San Diego moment...  I was reading a book called I Wear My Tutu Everywhere, and there are pictures of the main character in her tutu in different places.  So I try to get the girls to say where the character is before I read the words on the page.  "Where is she wearing her tutu?" "The grocery store"  "And now where is she?" "The swimming pool"  And the next page had a picture of the main character wearing her tutu next to some elephants at the zoo, so I ask, "Where is she wearing her tutu now?" And the little girl in front of me responds "The Wild Animal Park!"

Not quite as funny as the little 4 year old announcing to me that she has a boyfriend, but still good for a smile or a laugh! :-)

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I see a lot of different styles of parenting at my store, ranging from absolutely amazing* to children having total control over their parents.  I very rarely will say anything or step in if a child is acting up because frankly it's the parents who give me money, so I don't want to make them mad, but sometimes a child or teen is being so mean or talking back to their parent that I do say something.  Thankfully it usually goes over ok, and has only backfired on me once.  I think it's getting harder and harder to raise well-behaved children because they see so much bad behavior in the media and with their peers, but I'd like to think that it's still possible! :-)

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Was supposed to be tutoring statistics tonight, but my tutee has a big physics test tomorrow that she doesn't understand anything for, so change of plans.  Her test is on forces (f=ma, friction, etc.), so we spent the hour and a half, solving equations and drawing force diagrams with all the little arrows for the force of gravity, and the normal force, and the force of friction, ...  Force diagrams are fun!  :-)

Tutoring is much more fun with props - like tonight I was demonstrating the forces of a water bottle sliding down a notebook.  But the last two weeks were much more fun!  Extra Halloween candy makes excellent props!  For example, what's the probability of getting a red Hershey kiss out of all these different colored kisses?  And what's the probability now that I've eaten three of the kisses? 

I try to make the subjects as fun and relevant to the students as I can.  A lot of the examples in the book don't really make sense to the kids because they deal with voting or other subjects that they don't really care about or understand.  So I always try to make my homework and test problems more interesting, like "You're going to prom with 7 of your friends, and you're renting a limo that can hold 4 people.  How many different ways are there to choose who goes in the limo?"

For other interesting (but perhaps not as relevant) test questions...

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So I was fitting a customer for pointe shoes today.  The mom and daughter have been in here a lot - the daughter can't seem to find pointe shoes that she loves.  So we were trying out yet another type of shoe for her, which actually looks really good on her feet and she thought they felt better than her previous shoes.  And the mom says, "What would we do if you ever leave, Teresa?  I know you've been thinking about it, but you can't"  I had kinda promised myself that I wouldn't start telling customers until December, until things were more final, until the new owners got a new lease (which is the only possible deal-stopper), but after she said that, I just had to tell them that I am going to leave.  At which point, the 13 year old daughter looks at me, and says "Well, just know that we love you"

I am going to be a big, bawling, weepy mess all of December - I love knowing that I've made a difference in everyone's lives, but it's going to be so hard saying good-bye! 

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Rain, rain, come and play!  Oh, won't you stay another day?

I love the rain!  :-)  I probably wouldn't like it as much if I lived in a place where it always rains, but here in San Diego, it's a nice diversion from the constant sunny days!  I just wish that San Diegans knew how to drive in the rain... Half the people think "oh, there's rain, I need to go 30mph on the 5", and the other half of people don't seem to notice it's raining and they continue to go 90mph even as they see other people hydroplaning.

*does rain dance in hopes of a thunderstorm*

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So I've been pondering what I want to do once I sell my store... My current plan is to more or less take three months off and see what wonderful long-term opportunities present themselves during those three months. But since I'm not going to just sit on my butt for those three months, I've got lots of ideas for what to do until April 2007.

Definite To-Do's...
-Spend time with my parents. They're renting a condo in San Diego from Jan-Mar, so I will be at least part-time in San Diego until April.
-Spend more time with troyworks! ;-)
-Go visit my grandma in Detroit who I haven't seen in almost two years since I couldn't get away from the store.
-Get lunch with random friends who always wanted to have lunch with me, but I couldn't leave the store.
-Sleep, read, write, exercise, watch movies, listen to music!

Other Possibilities...
-Take a cruise. I've been interested in taking a cruise for a while, so I might go off to the Mexican Riviera for a few days!
-Go to a spa for a week or so - relaxing! but probably expensive. (facials, peels, massages, etc.)
-Go to Vegas and see all the Cirque shows!
-Take dance classes, maybe some ballroom or belly dancing or pole dancing or other types of dance that I haven't tried much before.
-Take some classes at UCSD, UCLA, or Caltech - Winter Term fits in perfectly with my 3 month schedule!
-Do taxes, either for money or volunteering, which I had fun with two years ago!
-Get a little part-time job... Barnes & Noble, preschool/day care, tutoring, etc.
-Work part-time at something that might turn into a long-term job... something computer, or cogsci, or education.
-Consult with small business owners about ideas to make their business be what they want it to be. I already have one person that I'm going to do this with.
-Go to massage school, probably IPSB
-Try out new, interesting body changes - polyphasic sleeping, fasting, totally raw, etc. (although the diet changes would be harder to do with my parents trying to feed me yummy food every time I see them)
-Get my wisdom teeth taken out.  I don't particularly want to do this, but my dentist has previously said that I should have it done.  If I believe him, now would be a good time to do it, because I don't have to worry about missing work/school/etc, and my parents would here to take care of me if I end up taking a long time to recover.
-Take a road trip, or travel the world.  I've got lots of places that I would love to go see, although surprisingly, I don't think that I'll go traveling that much during my three month vacation.

As far as what I want to do after March, right now I'm thinking is that I want to get back to something more intellectual - possibly computers/programming or related to cogsci stuff.  A few months ago, I was thinking I wanted to move to the Bay area and apply to Google, but at least currently LA is looking better.  I definitely do want to move though, since I think it would be too hard emotionally to stay in this area and not own the store.  It's time for a new era in my life! :-)

More Possibilities Added Dec 19th, 2006 ...
-Go to NYC and see lots of musicals
-Design a website (or several)
-Take early childhood education classes so if I want to work in a preschool, I have the silly requirements done.
-Take classes for a fitness certificate, again so if I want to teach exercise classes, I have the requirements done.
-Donate money to charities and do random acts of kindness (paying for lots of people's tolls, giving 20 dollar bills to the recovering drug addict guys who sell newspapers at intersections)
-Go to the zoo and the Wild Animal Park!
-Read and write reviews for my many books!
-Take gymnastics.
-Go through all the stuff I've saved, and determine what is really important to me.
-Learn to drive a stick shift
-Go hiking with Hike the Geek and frisbeeing with Splendid Frisbee
-Learn a new language or two or seven!
-Invent a new language
-Create a game (board game or software game)
-Learn to rock-climb and/or go caving
-Do a Free Hugs Campaign in SD or LA
-Learn Photoshop and Dreamweaver
-Try out lots of Mind Performance Hacks & learn to photoread
-Finally get all the way through Godel, Escher, Bach
-Go see lots of dance performances
-Go to a cuddle party
-Go to Futurist meetings
-Build a fort out of Legos, or boxes, or something!
-Finish watching Babylon 5
-Watch all the Google Tech Talks
-Watch educational videos from Harvard Extension, MIT OpenCourseWare, etc.
-Go on an Outward Bound Expedition
-Organize a charity dance show
-Help the new Applause owners start selling online/be an ecommerce consultant to small companies that I like
-Get a Pilates or yoga certification
-Take Kitchen Witch class or two

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An interesting, comprehensive description of the differences between introverts & extroverts...



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I love the Bellagio fountains in Vegas, so of course I thought these were awesome! :-)



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You have your way.  I have my way.  As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

Friedrich Nietzsche


I need to remember this as I move forward with the sale of Applause.  The new buyers and I decided on a sale price last Sunday, and we're opening escrow and starting to figure out the new lease and all that stuff, so I'm happy that everything is moving forward and seems like it will be done around the end of the year.

However, the emotional roller-coaster has begun!  I was kinda hoping that the store would continue just the way it is, and that I just wouldn't have to be here anymore.  But the new owners seem to want to change a lot as soon as they take over, especially in terms of how the store looks (putting in a new floor, raising the ceiling, knocking out a wall, etc.)  It's perfectly their right to do so once they own the store, but I would think that it would make sense to wait a little while, and see what's working and what's not working before just totally changing everything.  I'm trying to figure out if my concerns are legitimate, if I really do know my customer base well enough to be correct in thinking that they are going to be very shocked by the change - or if I'm just wanting things to stay the same because I like them the way they are.  Maybe the new owners' change will be a lot better than the way things are now.

The other concern I have is about customer service.  I am a huge fanatic about customer service, about going above and beyond to make people happy, about making a personal connection with people.  And it shows in how people feel about the store.  We consistently have new people coming in saying that their friends were raving about Applause, and every day more than half of the people coming into the store know me by face or by name (although it kinda weirds me out when people know my name, but I don't know theirs, or even more so, if I don't even recognize their face).  When the new owners made me an offer, they said 

"We are experienced in the dancewear and shoe business, therefore, ownership transfer will be very smooth. “Applause Dancewear” customers will appreciate experienced new operators that will give them the same quality of goods and excellent service they have received from you."

But now I'm not so sure if they will.  Since they own two stores already, they will be fully staffing this store as well, and won't be here that much.  And when I started talking to them about whether they want me to hire some new people before the sale so that things are running pretty smoothly when they take over (and the busy January season starts), they suggested that I put a help wanted ad in the Penny Saver!  Nothing against the Penny Saver, but frankly the people who I would want working at Applause (and helping our well-to-do Rancho Santa Fe customers) are not looking in the Penny Saver for a job.  I really need to go to their other stores (in my abundant free time!) to see how their customer service is.

But then what if their customer service sucks?  Do I continue going forward with the sale so that I can be done and move on (and have the cash)?  Or do I try to find another buyer who will take care of my customers better - but that means that I have to work for longer at the store and probably settle for either a lower price or a lower down payment (where I finance part of it)?

Gosh darn it, life would just be so much easier if I could just be selfish, if I didn't care about other people - but then I wouldn't have been successful with Applause if I was selfish. :-)


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