Birthday Pho & FroYo

Birthday Pho & FroYo!!

What: Chowing down on Vietnamese Pho noodles, conversing, laughing, picking delicious toppings for Frozen Yogurt, singing, dancing

Why: Teresa has gone around the sun 27 times!

When: Friday, March 20th, 2009 with Pho around 6:30-7pm and FroYo probably around 9-9:30pm

Where: Pho Convoy, 4647 Convoy St (between Dagget St & Opportunity Rd), San Diego, CA 92111
and Yogurt World, 4646 Convoy St Ste 113 (also between Dagget St & Opportunity Rd), San Diego, CA 92111

Who: You!!!!  And your kid(s), your spouse, your significant other, your insignificant other, your new best friend, your old best friend, your unborn fetus, the guy you met the other night who seems really interesting, Brad Pitt, etc.

Hope to see you there for all or part of the festivities!  :-)  (Your presence is the only present that I would like!)

-Teresa :-)

Finding my Floor...

Yay - I have a whole week off!  Now I can actually catch up on my personal life... such as finding my floor.  I swear I have one - I just haven't seen it in the last few months of working non-stop and coming home and just throwing stuff wherever.

Birthday Dancing!

It's time to celebrate my joyous 26th birthday! :-)  Come dance with me!

When:  9pm-ish Friday, March 21st (my birthday is actually the 20th)

Where:  San Diego Dance Jam
Eveoke Dance Theatre, 2811 University Avenue, next to the KFC.
(It's $5 before 9:30, but they usually let first-timers in for free!)

What:  Dancing in every shape and form -- check it out...

Let me know if you think you'll be coming!  Feel free to invite anyone
else you know who likes to dance! :-)


My store is sold!  I got my huge check yesterday!  I'm rich!!!  (Well, I'm rich for about a week until I pay off all my loans)  I was going to go deposit it today, but the idea of having the first day in a month where I don't go to Encinitas seemed more appealing!  (Yes, I could deposit it at a branch closer to my apartment, but I want to deposit it at my Encinitas branch because all the employees there know me and will be excited with me!)

The last few days have been fairly interesting - worked all day and all night on Christmas to finish inventory before closing escrow yesterday, drove to Irvine to sign the closing documents and pick up my check (which was very anti-climatic because the new owners got there early, signed, and left before I even got there), felt like I needed to celebrate (and spend some money!) so found a spa in Irvine and got a wonderful acupressure massage, went to OfficeMax and Barnes & Noble in Irvine and bought some notebooks, organizing stuff, and books to start on my goals of writing, organizing, and reading more now that I'm not working 6-7 days a week, drove back, putzed around my apartment for a while (avoiding unloading my car of the millions of things that I had to bring home from the store - financial records, my computer, etc.), watched FAME, and ended up not going to bed until about 1am, which meant that I had been up for about 41 hours (except for a maybe 10min nap while getting the massage).  Surprisingly wasn't very tired and also wasn't very hyper (which I tend to get when staying awake too late).

So now comes the question of what to do with myself!  I have a few days off while the new owners remodel the store (although I actually have a ton of work stuff to do - payroll, bills, mailing letters, transfering accounts, etc.), and then I'm training/assisting them next week.  And then after January 5th, I am hopefully all done with the store!  I'm trying not to schedule myself too much; I want to have free time and go with the flow, do whatever I feel like doing on a particular day, play it by spleen!  But there are soo many interesting things to do, classes to take, places to go!  The plan is to be "retired" for at least three months (not be looking for a full-time job, and even be actively avoiding a full-time job), and then see how things are going, see what I feel like getting into, see what opportunities present themselves.

If anyone is available and would like to do stuff* with me over the next few months, let me know!  (*stuff such as going to the zoo, Wild Animal Park, a day spa, day trips to the desert or other places, museums, dance classes, Vegas, etc.)

Where is Santa?

Want to know where Santa is?  Just ask NORAD!

The best line on this website... "Rudolph's nose gives off an infrared signature similar to a missile launch."!!!

(Sorry no posts recently... so busy with getting ready to sell the store!  We close escrow on Tuesday!  And I still have a ton of stuff to before then!)
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